Friday, May 29, 2009

PERSIAN SOLDIER سرباز ایرانی‌

Sarbaze Irani(iranian soldier)Translation To English:Always - storm begins with a wind andstart of a roaring flood is a drop of waterlet me say this better with simple languagethat this song of mine is only a voiceamongst sixty million other voicesflowing from other people's voice-boxwhom like me are an Iranian soldier andare unsatisfied with their country's situation because after twelve centuries of strugglethey're still under the rule of the Arabic Caliphatesother than toppling them there's no other waythis is the hard lesson of historythe place for light is after darkness Iranian soldier, anytime you stand up freedom beginswhile you sit alone the dark and black night continuesdecision is your, it's your choice, you personally have to want freedomIranian soldier, Iranian soldierwhat you hear is voice of a new generationdemanding the right for freedom of speechand for the freedom of anyone whomare jailed for voicing their opinionsour struggle will continue onuntil the lion-and-sun is displayed on our flaglion-and-sun is a type of weapon andtheir fear of it is only a testimony of thatthey're afraid of a flaguniting us so they're shakingit's time to believe in one faithand that's "patriotism"the official religion of thetrue Iranian soldier is that countryman our problems have solutionand to hope for victory is the only waylet me tell you about this hopethat's a thorn in our enemy's eyeif you have an addiction, put it awayhave too much resentment, put that away tooand with the help of hope, love and each otherwe'll rebuild our homeland againit's time to not ask ourselveswhat this country has done for usand instead for even once seewhat we have done for our homelandafter all this country has a right to us tooand there's a limit to being unappreciativeamongst every hundred personal steps taken how niceit'd be to take one step for the homeland

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