Tuesday, February 14, 2012

خواستم دهه فجر رو به همه شما ??????? بگم.

On the February anniversary of the Khomeini Revolution of Iran (termed by Mullahs as the 10-days of "Fajr" or Dawning - commonly referred to by opposition students as 10-days of "Zajr" or suffering) here is a message:

سلام ملت

Greetings Iranian Populace

وبید؟ اوضاع خوبه؟راضی هستید؟
Are you well? Everything OK? Are you content?

خواستم دهه فجر رو به همه شما ??????? بگم.
I wanted to wish all of you (blankety - blank) for the ten days of Fajr
خوش باشید 
Enjoy yourselves!
محمد رضا پهلوی
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi


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