Thursday, April 02, 2009


Student Activist Abducted, Missing

April 1 -- A student told Radio Farda that a classmate, Shabnam Madadzadeh, has been abducted by Iranian security agents. He said Shabnam's brother was told that she is being held in Evin Prison; however, when he went to visit her, he, too, was detained. [listen in Persian] (be Farsi goosh daheed)

Women's Rights Activists Arrested

March 27 -- Several members of the One Million Signatures Campaign were arrested in Tehran while visiting the families of political prisoners. [read in Persian] (be Farsi goosh daheed)

Iran's Gloomy Economic Future

March 27 -- An economist told Radio Farda that Iran's next government will face severe economic conditions due to the drop in oil revenues and the budget deficit. He said loans from the Central Bank to help reduce the deficit would drive up inflation. [read in Persian] (Farsi)

Discussing Iran's Constitution in Jail is Forbidden

March 30 -- The lawyer of jailed journalist Massoud Kordpour told Radio Farda that his client has written an open letter to the government asking why talking about the constitution or human rights -- even in prison -- is forbidden. Kordpour was arrested last summer on charges of "spreading propaganda against the Islamic Republic through interviews with the foreign media." [read in Persian] (maghaleh be Farsi bekhooneed)

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